Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Latest Haul (and it isn't makeup!)

So, here's the thing. I used to be a huge shoe hoarder. At one stage I counted that I had around 70 pairs of shoes and I'll admit that I hardly wore most of them and used to give pairs away to my mum and best friend who just so happened to have the same show size as me on a regular basis. The funny thing was that after a while I didn't even enjoy wearing most of the shoes I bought, it was just that I felt like I HAD to buy them to satisfy some weird need.

This was of course pre-baby when I was a full time accountant working in a professional office where it was expected to always look good in suits and nice heels so I had some sort of excuse. Now, I'm still doing accounting but in a much more relaxed setting where I can actually get away with jeans and flats as my regular work uniform so my excuse for having so many shoes had flown out the window.

Therefore, a few months ago I had a bit of a shoe clean out and got rid of about 40 pairs that I figured I would never really get the opporunity to wear again and would just go mouldy sitting in my shoe box or wardrobe unused.

I felt enlightened and like I was freeing myself of a silly obsession, well, that was until I completely fell of the wagon last week and this happened.........

I have no excuse except that Betts was having a ridiculous up to 70% off sale and then Oz Sale tempted me with yet another ridiculous sale. Before I knew it, I was the proud mama of 5 more pairs of shoes in less than a week.

Unfortunately, I think the shoe-beast within me has awakened again and I think I'm in big trouble. Now I just want more and more!!

Does anyone else have any secret obsessions that they deal with every day (other than makeup of course!)?

Michelle xx

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