Friday, June 22, 2012

Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons - Love At First Swatch!

Recently I had a bit of a lemming moment and decided in a split second moment to buy some of the new Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons. I didn't really need any more lip colours, but I've seen these around so much lately that curiosity just got the better of me.

The crayons come in a three pack with three very wearable colours for pretty much anybody. They are very moisturising and are almost as good as a tinted lip balm with keeping the lips hydrated when applied.

They are so smooth to apply and come in a very handy wind up applicator rather than needing to be sharpened like some other lip crayons. They aren't too soft either so you don't end up crushing the tip if you press too hard which is great.

Macaron - A really pretty bright pink

Sundae - A very sheer nude

Cupcake - A subtle pale pink

Macaron is definitely my favourite shade of all three although I have been using Cupcake like it's going out of style because it's such a great shade to keep in my handbag for subtle touch-ups during the day when I'm out and about. It's so sheer you don't need to be anywhere near a mirror to reapply.

Left to Right: Macaron, Sundae & Cupcake (Without Flash)

(With Flash)

I'd love to see these available as single crayons so you could purchase your favourite one when it runs out rather than having to buy the pack again and more colours, such as a sheer red or coral, would be great too.

Has anyone else tried these yet? If so, what did you think?

Michelle xx


  1. doesn't the smell bother you? I hate it but I love how they feel on my lips :) My favourite is macaron!

    1. They do have a bit of a sickly smell and taste I guess but I don't think it's as unpleasant as some other lip products I've tried. They feel so silky smooth don't they?

  2. I love these :) I so wish they sold Sundae separately!!!!!

    1. Hopefully they might start to release these separately one day due to how popular they have been. More shades would be great too!


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