Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days of Lippy - Week 2

So, I have just gotten through the second week of the Instagram challenge called 30 Days of Lippy (#30daysoflippy) which was created by Rosemary at Lashes and Lattes and Kimberley at Pop Couture.

Here is the list that we have been following every day:

So, last week in my Week 1 post I got up to Day 10 (I missed the first couple of days of the challenge). So, here is what I wore from Day 11 onwards:

Day 11 - Shimmery

                                           Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Gloss in Breathless

Day 12 - Close to Your Natural Lip Colour

                                                   Savoir Faire Lipstick in Miss You

Day 13 - Lilac or Mauve

                                     Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Looking Glass Lilac

Day 14 - Wear Blush on Your Lips

         LimeLily Cosmetics Cream Blush in Gorgeous with Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Gloss on top

Day 15 - Brown

                                                Innoxa Lovely Lips Lipstick in Marigold

Day 16 - Two-Tone Lip

I was going out to dinner this night so I wasn't confident to wear a two-tone lip out. Instead I played catch-up from Day 1 - Your Favourite Lip Colour and wore my Calvin Klein Creme Lipstick in First Kiss. 

Day 17 - The Darkest Lipstick You Own

                                              Mirenesse 3D Forever Gloss in Hot Kiss 

So that was my past week in lipstick. I've had so much fun doing this challenge as it's made me appreciate some lipsticks and glosses that I haven't used in a while and now I have developed a love for them all over again.

All except the Brown day where I wore the Innoxa lipstick in Marigold. I don't think this is a colour I will ever wear out of the house again even though I used to live in lipsticks of this colour years ago! Haha!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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  1. I see why that Calvin Klein is your favorite. It's very flattering; beautiful color!


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