Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Findation Project

How good would it be to be able to purchase foundation and know that you are getting the exact colour match for your skin tone without the guess work?

Well, this is what a new website called Findation is going to try and do for us. Findation will help anyone who uses foundation find their perfect match in any brand based on the shades and brands you are currently using.

At the moment Findation is still in beta mode and needs as many people as possible to get on the website and tell them all the foundation shades that you use and find the best match for your skin tone. Once enough data is received it will use an algorithm to calculate what shades are similar across all brands and then you will always know the best shade for you.

Findation is a project developed by Kate Morris (founder of and needs everyone who is interested to do the following:

2) Enter in all the foundation shades that you use that are a good match for you skin. The more matches you enter, the better the system will be able to work.
3) Tell everyone you know to do the above steps as well so they can get as much data as possible and help the site grow stronger.

I have to admit that I'm super excited about this as I always struggle to find the best match for my pale skin tone. I usually just grab the lightest shade in a range but that doesn't always work out sometimes so a system like this where you can go onto the Findation website and get an idea of the best shades for you before you decide to go foundation hunting is just genius!

Please do everyone a favour and check this site out as soon as you can and start entering your foundation shades. The sooner this site obtains enough data to be up and running the better!

Michelle xx



  1. What a great project! I just love the whole idea! Thanks for letting us know :)

    1. Yes! It's a great idea. I've already started putting in my foundation shades so can't wait to see how well it works when there are more participants.


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