Friday, April 13, 2012

Review - Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for a good couple of months now after DJ's had a sale on some Natio products and have become quite a fan.

A little about this product:
'Soap-free cleanser with a neutral pH. Extra low foaming to avoid stripping skin of vital moisture. Effectively removes excess surface oils, impurities and make-up and helps neutralise the drying effects of hard water. Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser maintains correct moisture balance, leaving skin feeling pure, soft and moist. Includes shea butter to maintain correct moisture balance, rosewood to improve radiance and sandalwood, calendula and jojoba to, soothe and moisturise. Suitable for all skin types' 

First up I just love the smell. It's such a fresh herbal sort of scent that is really nice to have on your face and is kind of relaxing when used at night.

I also love how this cleanser makes my skin feel. It always left nice and clean with all traces of makeup gone and a nice smooth surface ready for my toner and moisturiser.

There were only a couple of small things that bugged me about this cleanser. The first is that it's a pretty thick cream and getting it out of the tube once you're getting towards the end is actually quite difficult. Also, being as thick as it is I found you really had to work it with a fair amount of water to get the foaming effect and cover your whole face.

Another thing that bothered me was a couple of weeks ago. After I had a bad head cold my nose was going through that raw, red and sore stage as is the norm after a lot of nose blowing and I found that this cleanser seemed to sting that area quite a bit when in use. This is probably nothing but thought it was something to mention as it made me steer clear from it for a couple of days until my nose was healed. I have quite sensitive skin normally and have not experienced any other forms of irritation from using this cleanser at all other than this episode.

Overall, if you're looking for a fairly gentle no frills cleanser then this is one to consider.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Michelle xx


  1. I like this one as an easy post-gym cleanser. Leaves soft and clean, and lathers up well in shower (haven't tried over sink), but is rubbish at taking off make-up.
    Maybe the essential oils were what stung your nose?

    1. How funny, I seem to have no problems with this cleanser taking off my makeup. I must admit though that if I'm wearing anything really heavy I'll take most of it off first with a makeup remover or wipe so this cleanser just has to get rid of the rest.
      I ws thinking the same thing about the essential oils....


  2. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

    Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin


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