Sunday, September 11, 2011

My House is Overweight

I had an insightful thought the other day.... Can houses be overweight?? You think about it, being overweight is having extra kilos that really aren't necessary, well, that's exactly how our house feels at the moment and it's really starting to bother me.

So, to start on my journey to rid my house of excess 'kilos' I started by cleaning out my makeup supplies. This is something I've been wanting to do for so long but when I have a 5 month old everything seems to just take forever to get around to these days, but yesterday was 'D' Day for my makeup. Everything that was old, dry or unused for a very long time is now gone.

Then, my second project was my shoe collection and if anyone knew me personally you'd know how big a project this was to tackle. A big thank you to my husband for keeping bub occupied for the afternoon because it took me three hours (yep, 3 hours!!) to go through all of my shoes and decide what I was going to keep, what was going to get thrown out and what could be donated to charity. Two garbage bags and one big red, white and blue storage bag later and my shoe collection is now so much lighter. One thing I realised after doing this project was just how many pairs of thongs I seemed to accumulate whilst being pregnant because, as we all know, thongs are a pregnant girl's best friend and I literally lived in them towards the end. I'd forgotten about half of them there were just so many. I'll never need to buy another pair for years!!

Anyway, I now feel so liberated and am thinking about what other excess kilos I can get rid of from my house next weekend when I can again put my husband in charge of bub for a few hours. I'm thinking the linen cupboard may be my next victim........

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Hi Michelle! Like you, i had to go through my clothes, shoes and makeup 3 weeks ago. Sent them to my family back home so they can keep what they like or give it away to those who wanted and needed them. =)) My unit looked so tidy and spacious after that. ^^

  2. Hi Michelle! OMG I totally understand what you mean by an "overweight" house. My husband and I live in a 4x2 and my husband said to me the other day that he thinks that we are outgrowing our house. There are only 2 of us living in the house, plus our dog!! How can that be? Time to shed those extra kilos I think!


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