Sunday, September 25, 2011

Andrew Collinge Conditioner - Fail!

I've been using the Andrew Collinge - Simply No Frizz Smooth & Shiny Salon Conditioner for a while now as I won some at a trivia night out with friends (along with some other products) and I am seriously disappointed.
When applying it I have to use about 7-10 pumps (which is frustrating in itself) as it doesn't really spread well in the hair unless you apply quite a lot and I really don't like the way it feels on my hair either while I'm massaging it in. It also has no smell at all (where's the fun in that?) and the consistency just doesn't seem right for a conditioner, it actually seems more shampoo like.
Afterwards when I rinse it out I feel as if my hair is very straw-like and quite dry and my frizz has definitely not been reduced in any way. I have certainly become very friendly with my leave-in conditioner lately to compensate!
Overall I'm very unimpressed with every aspect of this conditioner and have decided to stop using it and go back to my trusty Tresemme brand instead. I must say that I'm certainly glad I didn't part with any of my own money to buy this product.

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