Monday, May 27, 2013

Short & Sweet Sessions

Hi Guys, I have decided that I'm not going to do my empties post every month anymore because frankly, I was getting bored with listing it all month after month.

Instead, I have decided to create a new series called 'Short & Sweet Sessions' where I can still give a bit of a mini review of sample products like I used to in my empties posts, but only on those that have really stood out to me over the month and I think are worth mentioning.

I've decided to do this because some samples give great first impressions but because of their size I don't always feel comfortable in giving a full review like I do with full-size products due to not getting as many uses out of the product to really get the full picture of what it can do for you.

So, for all of those samples that I have gotten a great first impression from, or even for some products that I'm still sitting on the fence about but think are worth a mention while I am making up my mind, I will do a 'Short & Sweet' post instead.

I'm hoping to try and do one of these at least once a week because I have so damn many built up that I want to tell you about (but please don't hold me to this!), so stay tuned in the next couple of days for my first ever 'Short & Sweet Session'.

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday.

Michelle xx

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