Saturday, June 1, 2013

Models Prefer Brow Highlighter

I recently received this Models Prefer Brow Highlighter as part of a beauty bag Priceline was giving away with a purchase up to a certain amount and was instantly intrigued into trying it.

This highlighter comes in the current jumbo crayon form that seems to be everywhere at the moment and is a very soft and blendable formula.

It is supposed to be applied to the arch of the brow to give the appearance of more open eyes and a more defined and lifted look to the eyebrows.

I find it a little too thick and frosty to be applied directly to the arches of my eyebrows but I've found that it makes a great general face highlighter when applied to the tip of a finger and blended onto the skin. It's also great to use on the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the eye itself.

(Without flash)
(With flash)

The crayon itself it very soft so you only need a light hand to get a lot of the product from it. It really it super shimmery so a little goes a very long way.

This will become part of my everyday travel makeup bag kit as it is a convenient size to carry around without worrying about powder going everywhere and spreading through your handbag for when you want a little extra bit of highlighting to brighten the face during the day.

Has anyone else tried this brow highlighter before?

Michelle xx


  1. I've always been tempted to buy this but never have but your swatches make me really want too! It's so pretty :)


    1. It is really pretty even though I don't really use it for what it was made for :-)

  2. I haven't used a brow highlighter before. Back in the day, I used a white eye liner, which I guess is a bit similar. This one looks nice, particularly for the inner corner of the eyes like you said. Thanks for sharing :).

    1. That's a good trick with the white eyeliner. I've pretty much designated it solely for inner eye highlighting now as it does such a good job in that area :-)


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