Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jurlique Purely Age Defying Day Cream SPF15

I'm usually a huge fan of multi-tasking products. Daily moisturisers that also contain an SPF are the bees knees to me because it means I get two products in one, BUT, for a moisturiser like this to work it has to satisfy two tests for me. 1) It needs to have a very minimal sunscreen smell; and 2) It needs to not feel too thick and greasy on my face.

Unfortunately, this cream satisfied Point 1 above (to a certain degree which I'll talk about further on), but failed miserably for Point 2.

The Jurlique Purely Age Defying Day Cream SPF15 is described as a lightweight, high performance moisturising cream with powerful anti-ageing ingredients to help protect the skin and address the visible signs of premature ageing.

I have been using this cream for a while now and found that it's really not my cup of tea. Although it has definitely kept my skin smooth and protected from the elements, I always feel as if I'm wearing a visible mask on my face after application as this cream just feels so thick and heavy to me and not at all 'lightweight' as described. Sometimes on hot days I've felt like I have to actually wipe this cream off after a while because it just seems to sit on top of my skin rather than absorbing into it.

Another factor that really isn't to my liking is the scent. Even though it doesn't have that definite sunscreen smell which I can't stand, it's got another very strong scent instead which to me is a little like rotten herbs. Unfortunately this isn't something that I enjoy smelling first thing in the morning when getting ready to face the day.

As the above picture shows, this cream has a very thick consistency as explained above, which of course may suit others who have skin that is more on the drier side. But, if you have oily/combination skin like mine, you may find it a bit too thick like I did. This thick consistency also made it quite hard to spread over the face in an even manner before it started to get kind of 'tacky' and not so easy to move.

I normally adore Jurlique products and they are one of the brands that really stands out in my memory from when I was in school and first got exposed to them. I've tried quite a few of their products recently and this cream was a little bit disappointing to me and not up to the same standards that I have in my mind in relation to the brand.

Has anyone else tried this cream before? I'd love to know if anyone has had the same experience as me or not?

Michelle xx

*** Product provided for consideration but my opinions are honest, as always***

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