Sunday, October 21, 2012

Models Prefer Liquid Foundation

I have become a little obsessed with Models Prefer lately as it is such an affordable brand with really well performing products.

My latest love is their Liquid Foundation which I purchased in the shade Ivory a little while ago.

This foundation comes in a glass bottle which is nice and solid to hold with a pump dispenser. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with pump dispensers as I find they always do either one of two things: 1) They never dispense enough of the product, or 2) They dispense way too much in one pump. The latter is the case with this dispenser if you press it all the way. I've since learned the knack of pressing it only half-way down and this seems to be the perfect amount for me.

The below picture shows how much comes out if the pump is pushed all the way down:

Overall I quite like this foundation and it gives me light to medium coverage with a lovely matte finish. If I apply it with a foundation brush it tends to cover a bit thicker than if I use it with a sponge (which is my preferred method). I'm not a person who likes to apply foundation with my fingers as I feel all messy and gross afterwards so I can't comment on how it applies using this method.

It has no overpowering scent when applied (it's marketed as fragrance free) and it lasts over 8 hours on my combination skin with or without a primer. It doesn't sink into any of my fine lines or make me feel like a greasepot by the end of the day either which I really like as it's oil free.

The shade Ivory is a perfect match for my skintone and this foundation blends into the skin really well and doesn't set too quickly or become streaky at all.   

(Left: applied to skin, Right: blended into the skin)

I definitely recommend this foundation to anyone who is after one that certainly won't break the budget and performs well without being anything fancy. I find it great to wear on the weekends for a more natural look when I don't want to be too made up.

Has anyone else tried this foundation or another one from the Models Prefer range?

Michelle xx

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