Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Lust Have It

A couple of days ago I received the July Lust Have It pack. Rather than muck around I'll just get straight into telling you about the contents.

(The cosmetic bag this month was bright orange)

(Please forgive my little man's inquisitive hand in the photo)

The pack contents were as follows:

1) Baby Foot Exfoliating Socks (1 x pack, RRP $29.95) - These look very interesting. I don't really have rough feet at all but will be happy to give these a go just before it warms up again and thongs become a staple footwear item.

2) Matrix Deep Smoothing Shampoo (50ml sample, RRP $29.00 for 500ml)

3) Matrix Deep Smoothing Conditioner (30ml sample, RRP $29.00 for 250ml) - I don't know why the conditioner sample is smaller than the shampoo one as surely I'm not the only person on earth who tends to use more conditioner than shampoo?

4) Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine (1.5gm mini gloss, RRP $39.95 for 4.5gm full size) - I already have 4 more of these glosses in other shades as they are one of my all-time favourite lip gloss. I love this deep bright pink shade that I got which is No. 39.

5) Avene Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (25ml sample, RRP $22.95 for 125ml) - I've never tried this product so will be interested to see what it's like.

6) Avene Ystheal+ Cream Anti Ageing (5ml sample, RRP $49.95 for 30ml) - I received another sample of this in a previous box and wasn't really a fan.

All in all I think the contents of this box were reasonable and I was super happy about getting a makeup item FINALLY in the form of the Mirenesse Lip Gloss. The shampoo and conditioner samples are always handy for going away and will definitely be included in my bag next week when we go to Port Macquarie for 5 days.

I have to admit that I'm getting quite sick of the cosmetic bags now. It was a nice novelty the first couple of times but is getting a bit silly now. Seriously, how many of these things do they think we need? I've found they make great play toys for my little man as he loves to fill them with things and then empty them out again so at least they are getting some sort of use :-)

What does everyone else think of the July pack?

Michelle xx


  1. Ooo you got some different products to me. I got a Tigi Bed Head gloss instead of the Mirenesse and some pure fiji body lotion instead of the feet things. Wish I had got the feet things, i've had the lotion before and my feet are in need of some love! Still thought it was a good month and I totally agree about the conditioner, i use about twice as much conditioner than shampoo haha

    1. Good, I'm glad it's not just me who goes through conditioner like it's going out of style!


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