Friday, July 6, 2012

Great Space Ideas

I finally decided the other night that I want my own space at home for any scrapbooking or crafty things I do. At the moment I use our dining table which is just plain annoying as I have to keep packing everything away constantly, then I forget where I'm up to and by the time I get everything out again either my mojo is gone or the time I had spare is gone (my 15 month old has a tendency to wake up whenever I decide to be constructive when he's sleeping!)

So, with my new mission fresh in my head I decided to hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. Can I just say that this site is DANGEROUS! I have found so many new uses for this site over the past few weeks and could easily lose hours on there if I was allowed. Anyway, here are some of the ideas I found that I just had to share because they were too good not to:

Nice scrapbook space! You don't need an expensive desk and shelves!!! How cute is this? Such a simple space layout that wouldn't cost the earth and doesn't take up too much room.

Turn a hutch into scrapbook storage space This is just too cool. A great way to transform an old cupboard or storage unit.

scrapbook/craft space If only I had a whole wall to dedicate to something like this......

notice board styling by Selina Lake What a great inspirational wall decoration, and so simple!

This would be awesome for scrapbook storage....if only I had a scrapbooking space. An awesome way to use up old jars instead of throwing them out.

Tuck a tiered shower caddy originally designed to hold bath supplies in a corner of your scrapbook room to make the most of a small space. The baskets can hold any number of scrapbook supplies, including paints, ink pads, stamps, and punches. amyelli You could use anything for this. A shower caddy, spice rack, the list is endless.....

So, now I have some ideas I just need the funds to put them into action and some spare time. Unfortunately, both of these things are something that I tend to have lacking most of the time so for now I can just keep wishing and hopefully one day I can finally have my own space. In the meantime I'll just keep dreaming and stalking Pinterest.....

Does anyone have any other great sites I should check out for inspiration??

Michelle xx


  1. i love the shower caddy idea thats awesome !! GREAT ideas and post

    1. That's one of my favourites too. It's a great way to make space of an unused corner.


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