Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nails of the Week - Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen - Turquoise Chrome

I received this in one of my monthly sample boxes and was very intrigued as to how it would work as I've never used a nail polish pen before.

With this one I had to click the top about 5-6 times to get a good amount on the brush which was dry when it was first opened. The polish kind of flows out around the top of the brush and makes its way down the bristles to give you a good coverage prior to application.

Once I started using this I was amazed. It goes on so smoothly and dries in a ridiculously short amount of time. You get enough coverage with just one coat too which means the whole process of painting my nails was over within about 3 minutes and I could get up and get on with my day without any worries of smudging.

The pen says to apply 1-2 coats but when I tried to apply a second coat the brush seemed to keep dragging off the first coat rather than applying on top of it so I gave up after practically ruining my thumbnail and decided to leave it at just one coat which looks fine to me anyway. 

This polish was seriously the hardest colour I think I have ever tried to photograph. Due to the shiny chrome finish I just couldn't get it to look right no matter what lighting I used so I apologise in advance now for the dodginess of the below photos. Hopefully you'll get the gist of how gorgeous this blue shade actually is.

(With flash)

(Without flash)

(I took this photo so you could see how well the coverage was for just one coat. If you look really close you can see some very small streaks but they are not overly noticeable)

For a mother with a very active and inquisitive 16 month old, a nail polish that can be done and dusted in less than 5 minutes gets my big tick of approval. Usually I have to wait until hubby is around to apply nail polish because I am guaranteed to have to stop and ruin it by picking something up or stopping a little someone from doing something he shouldn't be doing if I try to do it when I am home on my own.

My only gripe with this polish would have to be the brush. It's a very dense brush that is kind of round rather than flat like most polish brushes. This took a bit of getting used to as it meant getting up close to the base of the nail was a bit tricky with such a thick brush.

I think I will definitely be checking out some more shades in this range.

Has anyone use any other colours in this range that you would recommend?

Michelle xx


  1. Replies
    1. I love it. It's very much a colour that I gravitate towards a lot with nail polishes.

  2. A really beautiful chrome blue colour, I like it! I like the idea of a quick mani, the pen is a pretty cool idea!

    1. The pen is actually a great idea. It's so convenient.

  3. I've never used nail polish pens and would try to buy one soon..its looks pretty efficient and cool!!

    1. I was really surprised as to how quick and convenient it actually was to use.


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