Monday, April 9, 2012

Review - Puretopia Firming & Soothing Hand Cream

So, I think I have finally discovered my holy grail hand cream after many, many years of trying to find that perfect one that soothes my dry eczema suffering hands without feeling like I've stuck them in a grease pit. Enter Puretopia's Firming & Smoothing Hand Cream.

What the product claims:
"Puretopia Nourish & Repair Firming & Soothing Hand Cream is deeply nourishing, rapidly absorbed and enriches skin with smoothing wheat, oat proteins, vitamin E and rosehip oil, while jojoba wax maintains skin suppleness. Nails and cuticles will be strengthened and hands will feel soft, hydrated, refined in texture offering a more youthful appearance. It features a citrus spa fragrance."

I am in love with this cream. Ever since I bought some it has not moved more than a few centimetres from my hand bag in fear of me forgetting to put it back in and not having it on hand (pardon the pun) while out if a dry or itchy hand emergency should occur.

The scent of this cream is subtle enough to not be too overpowering every time your hands come within the vicinity of your face but pleasant enough that I find myself absent mindedly sniffing my hands after applying it sometimes.

The best part about this hand cream I have found?? That would be the consistency hands down (gosh I'm going great guns with the puns tonight!). It is a nice and thick cream that absorbs extremely fast and doesn't leave any greasy residue so you can continue to go about your business quite soon after application without being scared to leave greasy prints all over the place.

Also, for anyone out there who is unfortunate enough to be an eczema sufferer like me, I guarantee you will love this cream as much as I do. I have a tendency to gets bad bouts of eczema underneath my wedding rings and also sometimes underneath where I wear my watch and whenever I put this cream on these areas feel instantly soothed and any itchiness just disappears. Pure joy if you ask me!

Has anyone used any other products in the Puretopia range they liked and would recommend? I'm extremely keen to try something else now but can't decide what. 

Michelle xx


  1. How funny, I just rubbed this in to my feet and put socks on to help it sink in. I find it too think for my hands though.
    I have their body lotion with the same lemony scent, but again, it's too thick for me, but I suspect you'll like it seeing you have extra thirsty skin!

    1. Just remembered that I had reviewed it!
      Also my boyfriend is using their extra calming facial moisturiser and really likes it.

    2. Wow, that's so funny that you find it too thick. I sometimes re-apply it twice because it sinks into my hands so fast! I don't think I've ever come across a hand or body cream that was too thick for me. I usually have the opposite problem.
      I've been eyeing off the facial moisturiser so might give that a go next, especially now we're getting into winter.

    3. I agree with you Michelle. I found that product today in Tkmaxx, similar shop for Century 21. I was reading reviews and recommendations about this handcream. Currently I've been suffering from eczema and I have dry itchy patches on my hands and skin.
      After reading your review, I decided to try it out, to find the cure for my hands and I have to agree. This cream works already after 2 applications with redness and itchiness,and it doesn't leave residue behind. So good! Thank you very much for your post, it helped me to make up my mind. Thank you! 😉


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