Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Short & Sweet Session - July 2013

Welcome to my first ever Short & Sweet Session post as described here. I was initially going to do one of these posts per sample product that impressed me at a time but decided to just group my favourites for the month together instead as this ended up being a bit more sensible to me (and a lot less time consuming too!)

This month there were only four sample products I used that I thought worth mentioning. They were as follows:

1) GKMBJ One Minute Treatment Hair Mask - I loved, loved, loved this product and am most definitely going to get myself a full size. The smell is delicious and it made my fine, straw like, frizz fest of a head of hair feel so much softer and more manageable. I also love that it only needs to be on for one minute to do its magic. This means I can slather it on after washing my hair and do something else quick like shave or exfoliate and then it's ready to be rinsed off. This is way more practical than other hair masks that need to be left on for 10-15 minutes or so. I'm not a fan at all of getting in the shower, getting out to let my mask work and then getting back in again just to rinse and any product that doesn't force me to do that but still works is great to me!

2) Kiehl's BB Cream - This has to be one of the best BB creams I have used so far. Firstly, it smells kind of like a chocolate coated coffee bean to me which I was a tad excited about every time I went to use it, secondly, it blends into the skin beautifully and leaves a lovely matte finish without a hint of greasiness, and thirdly, a little of this cream goes a seriously long way so this deceivingly small sample lasted me about 5 or 6 uses before running out. This is definitely up there as one of the best BB creams around in my opinion.

3) Remedica Vanilla & Shea Nut Body Creme - This creme is so lovely that I was almost tempted to try eating it. My sensitive, eczema prone skin soaked this creme up like there was no tomorrow and felt really soft and nourished. The smell of this creme is unbelievable. It cannot be adequately described in any other way than delicious. I felt so decadent applying this after showering and before heading to bed at night and found that the scent lasted all night and through most of the next day on my skin as well. Definitely a great, luxurious creme for those whose skin needs that bit extra pampering sometimes.

4) Aromatherapy Associates Relax Bath & Shower Oil - For some reason I'm usually not a big fan of the scent of lavender but I found that I really loved it in the form of this oil. A few drops of this in the bath fills the whole near vicinity with the subtle scent of lavender and the oil ended up making my skin feel lovely and soft and I didn't even have to moisturise afterwards. I'm intrigued now about trying some of the other scents in this range in the near future.

I'd love to know if anyone else has tried any of these products before and what you thought about them?

Have a great week!

Michelle xx


  1. I've never tried these products before. You've got me interested in the hair mask. My mum has the Kiehl's BB Cream and loves it. :)

    1. I'd definitely recommend giving the hair mask a try. It worked wonders for my hair even though it was only a sample size container.


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