Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush - Fearless

So yep, I know I'm REALLY late to be getting on the bandwagon for the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes but you just can't rush these things sometimes, you know??

Anyhoo, obviously I have finally started using one of these beauties in the shade Fearless and now I can kind of see what the hype is all about. To be honest, I have had this blush floating around in my makeup drawer for quite a while and for some reason I just kept forgetting about it and pulling out others to use instead.

But, once I did finally pull this baby out, it has seriously been on my face practically 5 out of the 7 days in a week for a good couple of months now.

This blush in the shade Fearless is one of those versatile coral/pinks that just seem to go with every look under the sun. On those days when I cannot be buggered trying to think of a blush to go with whatever look I have decided on with the rest of my face, I just reach for this one and I am always happy with the result.

The shade of this blush seems to suit my pale skin tone beautifully and always gives me a lovely, natural pink flush when it is blended out. It can be a very vibrant pink though if you aren't careful so I always start with a small amount and make sure I build it up rather than trying to go backwards if I apply too much.

It's very highly pigmented so a little does go a long way. This blush never seems to go patchy and I like the way it hasn't hardened in the pan like some of my other powder blushes have done over time (you know when they get that kind of crusty coating that makes it really hard to use?) I also like that it doesn't create a dust cloud in my bathroom when I'm using it too as some of my very fine, powdery blushes have a tendency to do.

It also doesn't settle into any fine lines or imperfections on my face, nor does it highlight my large pores which makes me very happy indeed.

It lasts all day on me, but so do the majority of blushes I own so longevity in a blush has never really been a problem for me.

Am I the only person on earth who took this long to try one of these blushes? What other shades should I try next?

Have a great week!

Michelle xx

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