Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lipstick Queen 'Saint' Lipstick in Hot Rose

So I decided on a whim to order my first ever Lipstick Queen lipstick a little while ago as it is a brand that I have heard so much about but never tried before. Also, the nerd in me has to mention that I was inspired by an article in one of my CPA magazines that featured Poppy King and how she grew her empire so I was intrigued enough to finally buy one of her lipsticks to try.

The 'Saint' lipsticks in the Lipstick Queen range are a sheer lipstick that contain only 10% pigment. They are very moisturising and more like a tinted lip balm which is great if you want to just dip your toe in a certain shade without fully committing to high impact colour. There is also a 'Sinner' lipstick in the range that are the exact same shades as those available in the 'Saint' range, but they contain 90% pigment and are a more matte, opaque finish for those that prefer more punch.

I am so pleased that I ordered the 'Saint' version of Hot Rose as it is such a beautiful shade that is very buildable when I want more colour, but can act like a really pretty tinted balm on those days when I don't want to go overboard with my lips.

It is a very hydrating lipstick that is not too heavy on the lips. It surprisingly also lasts quite a few hours before fully wearing off and my lips always feel so moisturised all day whenever I wear it. It's one of those lipsticks that are just wonderful for the warmer months because it's very easy to forget that you are even wearing it.

This lipstick is advertised as being shimmer and fragrance free and although I can detect a very subtle scent and taste, it definitely doesn't interfere with the wear of the lipstick or with eating or drinking during the day.

Another wonderful bonus is the fact that this lipstick doesn't bleed at all into the lip lines and it wears off nice and evenly while leaving a very subtle tint behind.

I've been wearing this lipstick so often lately as it's a great shade that is really easy to wear with a variety of looks and I'm so glad that I took the plunge and tried one. I'm definitely curious to try some more shades in the range as well as giving the 'Sinner' ones a go as well next time.

Have you tried the Lipstick Queen lipsticks before? What are your favourite shades?

Have a lovely week!

Michelle xx

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