Sunday, August 23, 2015

She's Here! Introducing Zara Eve!

So, on the 10th of this month we finally got to meet our new little bundle of joy 'Zara Eve'.

Born weighing just a tiny 2.94 kilos and measuring 46cm in length, this little girl already has the whole household wrapped around her teeny little fingers.

I had an elective caesarian at 37 weeks and 5 days due to the constant pain and problems I was having in my pregnancy and even though she was almost three weeks early we were very lucky that she was completely healthy and had no complications at all.

At the moment we are still getting into the new baby routines all over again that we have been out of for quite some time since having our 4 year old son but the second time around is definitely a hell of a lot easier in my opinion. You just seem to go with the flow a lot more because you realise there's no use in fighting it.

One thing that just melts my heart is how in love our son is with his new baby sister. He hardly lets her out of his sight and thinks she is the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world. It's just so wonderful to watch him hold her and interact with her.

Hopefully this new addition won't affect my blog posting too much as she seems to be a very settled and easy going baby so far. I know this can change in a heartbeat though so I'm taking advantage of things while I can, especially since hubby has taken three weeks off to help out as well. I've already gone back to working from home a few hours a day and have plans to take her into the office with me in a couple of weeks to see how we go.

In case things do take a turn for the worst and I don't make an appearance on here for a while, I sincerely apologise now in advance :-)

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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