Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Lipstick Love - Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Pink Melon

Yep, so I think I've discovered that I'm a bit of a pink lipstick hoarder. I can't seem to get enough of them lately and my current favourite that I picked up a little while ago is this Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Pink Melon.

This lipstick is the first Mary Kay product that I have used in years! A friend of mine is a consultant so I decided to help her out by getting this lipstick the last time she had a little get together. I'm really glad I did get it as it's been on very high rotation ever since.

This lipstick is very creamy and glides on nice and smooth. It's super pigmented and usually one coat is enough to last on my lips for a good couple of hours. As it wears off it leaves a nice pink stain too. It doesn't bleed into the lip lines and isn't drying at all which is something I love.

I also love the scent as it's almost caramel-like, but not in a too sickly sweet way. It's not too strong tasting on the lips once applied and fades pretty quickly to be practically unoticeable.

(Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Pink Melon - Natural Light)

(Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Pink Melon - With Flash)

The packaging is nice and sturdy too and I like the way you can see what shade the lipstick is by looking at the top of the lid.

I have been wearing this lipstick an awful lot lately as it's such a versatile shade that looks great for work but is also not too overpowering to wear to the shops or out to lunch. 

I'm so glad that I picked this up!

Has anyone else used Mary Kay cosmetics lately? Is there anything else I should try?

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Michelle xx

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