Sunday, December 1, 2013

Natures Beauty Bag - November 2013

So there's a new subscription service in town called Natures Beauty Bag, and being the subscription junkie that I am I couldn't help but subscribe and see what it was like for myself.

Natures Beauty Bag specialises in organic and natural products which is something that I personally am so excited about. Here is a little bit about them which I grabbed from their website:

'We launched Natures Beauty Bag because we feel that everyone should experience quality natural and organic beauty products.

We strive to provide a variety of beauty product samples which benefit your health, beauty and general wellbeing and we believe in only providing our customers with the best.

We only provide products samples that we honestly and truly take pride in and every product is something that we ourselves would use.'

So, here is what came in the November bag:

1)  Ultra C Radiance Serum - This is a Rosehip Oil based serum rich in Vitamin C, Goji Berry, Co Enzyme Q10 & Chia Seed. I can't wait to try this out!

2) Rebifresh Cleansing Oil - This is a blend of Olive, Citrus and Apricot oils, plus certified organic lemon-scented Tea Tree. I've never had the greatest experiences with cleansing oil but will certainly give this one a go.

3) Australian Bush Essence Intensive Eye Serum - This is an organic eye serum which contains Australian Bush Flower Essences and Rose Stem Cells to care for the delicate tissue around the eyes. I've been paying particular attention to ensuring I am vigilent with applying an eye cream on a daily basis lately so will be interested to see how this one goes.

4) Maeve Mineral Vitality Face Serum - This serum contains regenerative and anti-inflammatory ingredients and is said to be perfect for environmentally stressed and mature skin. That's me in a nutshell so this is definitely on my 'try next' list.

5) Cherry Brown Natural Mineral Lipstick - These lipsticks are made with pure ingredients including apricot kernel oil and extra virgin macadamia oil. They are free from animal testing, petroleum products, palm oil in any form, animal ingredients, chemical additives, parabens, preservatives, synthetic dyes and colours, micronised ingredients and nanoparticles (Phew!) I received one in the shade 'Hot Pink' and it sure is what the name suggests, a super duper bright pink. I'll give a separate review and show some swatches in a future post so stay tuned.

6) Absolutely Gorgeous Organic Lip Balm - I have used a lot of Absolutely Gorgeous products in the past and have always been impressed. This lip balm is 100% organic and is in the flavour 'Coconut & Lime' which isn't too overpowering or sickly at all. I am a bit of a lip balm addict so will definitely get a lot of use out of this.

7) Morlife Greens Rush Bar - These bars contain a serve of Alkalising Greens pH7.3 powder and give an antioxidant equivalent of 5 serves of vegetables and fruit. They come in three different flavours being Banana Tropicana, Pineapple Zest and Cacao Mint. I received the Cacao Mint one and am intrigued enough to try it out soon.

 The list of included products comes on lovely recycled paper as shown above.

There was also a huge amount of product brochures and discount vouchers included as well to give you all the information you could want on the products received.

Overall I'm very happy with the Natures Beauty Bag and will definitely continue subscribing for the near future. It only comes every two months as well which I guess is a bit more practical as you get a bit more time to use each product before being bombarded with more.

Natures Beauty Bag is $29.95 every two months and you can either purchase a one-off bag is you like or purchase am ongoing subscription.

What does everyone think of the Natures Beauty Bag? Has anyone else subscribed to it yet?

Have a great weekend.

Michelle xx 

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