Thursday, December 26, 2013

Epic Nail Foils - Where I Tried To Get A Bit Festive

Ok, so I may be a little late with getting this post up but you could also look at it the other way where I am just super early with getting in with the Christmas themed stuff for next year :-)

A little while ago I was approached by Epic Nail to try out their new Nail Foils and being a bit of a nail junkie I just couldn't resist saying yes.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Kaleidoscope kit which contains 6 gorgeous foil colours. There is Date Night (purple), Bonfire (red), Irish Flair (green), Karat (gold), The Deep (blue), and All Dolled Up (pink).

The kit also contains some instructions on two methods to try out using the foils (as above) as well as some glue and cuticle sticks.

I have never used nail foils before but love some of the effects I have seen others get when using them. I have to admit that it took me quite a few goes to get used to applying the foils and I found that it was best to wait around five minutes for the glue to dry before applying the foils even though the instructions say to wait around 1 minute.

Here is a look I decided to do for Christmas this year using Irish Flair, Karat and Bonfire:

Out of all of them Karat seemed to be the easiest to apply and it was also the most spectacular gold I have ever seen! Irish Flair applied a bit patchy but it was hard to tell if you didn't know because I used a similar green polish as an undercoat. 

Bonfire was also a little bit patchy but again I used a red polish underneath which made it hard to tell it wasn't all that even.

It is recommended to apply a top coat over the foils to give them a longer life but I tried out all four top coats that I own and every single one of them kept removing the finish from the foil and ruining the look. I did read somewhere that a water based top coast is recommended to stop this from happening but I obviously don't own one of these. I ended up opting for no top coat but unfortunately this meant the foils only lasted around 24 hours before started to show a lot of wear and tear. 

These foils are definitely a fun way to jazz up a regular manicure and you could get heaps of applications from each foil roll. To find out more about Epic Nail Foils you can visit their website here.

As a special treat for my dear readers, if you use the coupon code 'BLOGSPACE' prior to checkout you can get free standard shipping on all orders with a product spend of $30 or more. This offer will expire on the 31st of December.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Michelle xx 

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