Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nails of the Week - Rimmel Lasting Finish in Mocha Fever

I tried my first ever Rimmel London nail polish the other day in the shade Mocha Fever. I bought this polish quite a while ago but completely forgot about it until the dreary cold and rainy weather we had on the east coast of NSW last week made me look through my polish stash for a winter themed shade.

I was really surprised when I first started applying this polish as to how brown it actually was. When I looked at it in the bottle I was under the impression it was more of a maroon shade but when applied it's definitely a chocolate brown. I guess the word 'Mocha' in the title really should have tipped me off to this.

Even though it is definitely a brown shade of polish, I quite like it because of the subtle gold glitter particles. They seem to take away the boring brownness (I now deem that a new word in the English language) and give it a bit of extra dimension, especially when seen in sunlight.

In these photos I have applied three coats of the polish as two just didn't seem to be enough for me as I could still see through the polish in some areas. Three coats seemed perfect though.

This polish also seems to dry quite fast when applied which I think is great.

Has anyone else used Rimmel polishes before?

Michelle xx

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