Saturday, October 31, 2015

Veet Natural Inspirations In Shower Hair Removal Cream

So the warmer weather is finally starting to be a regular occurrence around here so that means one thing - it's time to get serious about staying hair-free!

I was asked a little while ago whether I would like to trial the new Veet Natural Inspirations range range and I couldn't help but say yes. I am quite the fan of hair removal cream and actually prefer using it in certain areas over any other hair-removal product.

The Veet Natural Inspirations range contains Grape Seed Oil which is known for its softening properties. It is formulated to work close to the root and contains a unique combination of water-resisting ingredients that go to work removing hair while you are busy in the shower.

I am a huge fan of hair removal creams for areas such as the bikini line and the underarms as they seem to be the spots where I get the most irritation from shaving or waxing. If I use a hair removal cream in these areas I usually always get a nice, soft, hair-free result without any ingrown hairs, redness or irritation and that makes me very happy indeed.

The Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream is used in 5 simple steps as follows:

1) Before showering, use the pink side of the sponge supplied to apply the cream evenly to dry skin making sure the hair you want removed is completely covered.
2) Wait at least 2 minutes before stepping into the shower (I usually use this time to apply a quick face mask or sometimes I even clean the sink in my bathroom - yep I can't stand wasting time when I juggle everything around two children, even wasting 2 minutes these days physically pains me!)
3) Step into the shower and go about your normal washing routine while trying to avoid putting the areas covered in the cream directly in the stream of water from the shower.
4) After the cream has been on for around 5 minutes, use the white side of the sponge supplied to gently remove the cream and any hair with it. If you have stubborn or thick hair you can leave the cream on for another 5 minutes if necessary but it is not recommended to leave it on for any more than 10 minutes in total.
5) Rinse the skin thoroughly to ensure all of the cream is removed and then complete your shower routine and dry yourself off as per usual.

I really love the dual sided sponge that is supplied to apply and remove the cream as it saves getting any of it onto your hands and makes the whole process a lot less messy. It also seems to help with using less cream per application as the sponge allows you to apply it a bit more evenly than if you were to use your bare hands.

The scent of this cream is not too overpowering, although it does have an underlying chemical smell it's also got a bit of a floral scent mixed in.

I have not experienced any stinging or irritation at all after using this hair removal cream and I will definitely continue using it for those areas that are a bit more sensitive.

What method of hair removal do you prefer for certain areas? 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Michelle xx

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