Monday, February 23, 2015

My Favourite Online Shopping Websites

We all love a bit of online retail therapy right? Well, ever since having my first son and realising that going shopping just isn't as easy (or enjoyable) as it used to be with a small baby/toddler in tow, I've become a huge fan of online shopping.

It's so much easier these days to just sit at home at any time of the day or night and browse my favourite sites without having to constantly watch my son to make sure he's not touching/pulling/damaging everything in store or trying to run off and hide behind clothes racks or in a different aisle or annoying other shoppers (I think you get the gist?)

So, I have developed a list of my favourite websites that I often browse and buy from and I thought I would share this list with you all today.

1) Ebay - Ok, who doesn't love Ebay? It's is seriously the site I spend the biggest amount of time on for anything from office furniture, beauty items, gardening products, homewares, stationery, you name it, Ebay has it.

2) Etsy - I'm a relatively newcomer to this site and am still learning the best way to navigate around but once I am on there I can kiss at least an hour or so goodbye as there is just so much to look at from every corner of the world. Like Ebay you can buy practically anything and my favourite things so far have been some cute stationery/scrapbooking items and unique homewares.

3) Adore Beauty - I love this online beauty store and the fact that they have free shipping on all Australian orders. They do a lot of promotions and goodie bags as gifts with purchase that I am always a bit of a sucker for.

4) Kikki K - I am a major stationery addict and Kikki K just has some of the most delicious stuff around. I love to browse their online store whenever I am in the need for a new pretty for my desk and the fact that they offer free shipping for all orders over $50 is a winner too.

5) Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics - Again this is another online beauty store that I regularly peruse whenever I am in need of a little fix. They also have a great loyalty program and offer free shipping on all orders.

6) Ozsale - This site is the reason that I have way too many shoes. The constant daily sales on practically anything are always so enticing and can range from clothing, footwear, stationery, pet products, homewares to kids products. Delivery is usually capped at $10 regardless of what you purchase.

7) Styletread -  What else can I say except shoes, shoes and more shoes!

8) Strawberrynet - This is a great website to get a lot of beauty products that aren't always stocked at my local shopping centre. Their prices are usually well discounted too and they also have a loyalty program that's a good bonus.

What are some of your favourite online stores? I'd love to know of any other gems that I may not have discovered yet.

Michelle xx

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  1. Very informative post! I like it!


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