Monday, April 15, 2013

Lush Emotional Brilliance Lip Colour in 'Confident'

I received this lip colour in a previous monthly beauty subscription box and have to say that at first I was super excited to try out this range after hearing so many good things.

Unfortunately, that excitement didn't last too long after I finally tried this product out.....

The shade 'Confident' comes with the following description (taken from the Lush Australia website):

'Your CONFIDENT nature shines through today. People admire you all around for your self –belief. Some may feel irritated by your assured manner, as they might not be feeling so great themselves. That said, your focus should be on your certainty as it is making you strong.
You might need a little bit of self-belief today, and that is why your subconscious is asking you for some confidence. Wear this colour to give you the assurance you may need at this moment, and let it remind you of what you require as you continue your day.
Feeling CONFIDENT is key, and you have this in spades. What a talent to possess today! It can help you achieve anything! Stay bold and great things will come of it.'

It can be used as a lip colour or as a cream blusher if you so desire.

The packaging is a small glass bottle which kinds of reminds me of a medicine dispenser and the applicator is your usualy doe foot shape.

This shade is quite a dark plum/purple shade which has a very bad tendency to sink into the lip lines and enhance the hell out of them. I also found the formula terribly drying and felt like my lips had been dragged through the Sahara desert after wearing it. It is very long lasting and does leave a slight purple stain on the lips after wearing off.

It felt kind of gritty to me and this is what actually made me look up the Lush website because I was certain that this should have been an eyeshadow rather than a lip colour because of the texture being so dry and powdery but I was proved wrong. I haven't tried using it as a cheek colour mainly because it just doesn't seem like a shade that would work on me that way at all so I can't comment on it for this use.


Unfortunately this is not a lip product that I found comfortable to wear in any way so I definitely won't be rushing out to try any other shades in the near future.
The tip of this one actually broke off after I put it on for the above photo but needless to say, I'm not too disappointed.
Has anyone else tried any of the Emotional Brilliance range yet? If so, I'd love to know what you think.
Have a great day.
Michelle xx 

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