Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nails of the Week - Polished London Nail Enamel in Milky Mocha

Oh My God! It has literally been forever since I have done a Nails of the Week post. It's not that I haven't been wearing nail polish but I'm usually so busy with work, the kids and house stuff that I have just been completely forgetting to take photos of my nails once I've applied any polish. Then, when I do finally remember there is always a chip or two already so I miss my opportunity.

But not this time!

Today I am showing you a polish that I have worn a few times lately because there is just something about the milk chocolate shade that I quite like.

It is a shade by Polished London and is called Milky Mocha.

I quite like this brand of nail polish and I own quite a few of them now. They are nice and affordable and can last 3-4 days on me with no chips which is always a nice bonus.

This polish applies smoothly without any bubbles and dries nice and quickly too. It has a great shine as well which I like because it saves a time poor person like me from having to bother with applying a top coat.

What nail polish have you been favouring lately?

Have a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick Collection

So I'm a little bit late in getting this post up due to having some ridiculously dry lips lately and not wanting to post without showing some lip swatches (beauty blogger problems!)

Anyway, we're off and running now and I am very excited to tell you about the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Lipstick Collection as these lipsticks have seriously restored my faith in wearing a nude lip.

The five shades I received to try range from a very pale nude to a much darker plummy/brown and I love the way some of them are more brown toned while some have pinkish tones in them as well.

I already owned a couple of Rimmel lipsticks in my collection at home and after trying these ones it has now become one of my favourite lipstick brands as they are all just so creamy and feel almost weightless on the lips once applied.

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Collection)

The shades are all numbered instead of having names (my one little gripe with Rimmel lipsticks!) so from top to bottom the swatches above are 40, 42, 43, 45 and 48.

Shades 42 and 45 are firm favourites of mine and can be used for practically any look depending on whether I want a more brown toned or pink toned nude lip. Shade 40 scares me a little because it is just so pale and against my pale skin tone it makes me feel like I look a little dead, but I have seen photos of it on others with a really dark smoky eye and it looks sensational. Shade 43 is a definite brown toned nude that can also look a little washed out on me unless I brighten up the rest of my face and Shade 48 is one that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of when winter comes around again.

The thing I love most about these lipsticks is that they don't bleed into lip lines and they stay put for a good few hours during the day, even after eating and drinking. They feel nice and hydrating on the lips and are comfortable to wear all day, even if your lips aren't in optimal condition as mine have been lately.

They do have a very strong, sweet scent and taste when first applied though so if you are not a fan of lip products that stay with you for a while then just be warned. It isn't unpleasant, just very noticeable.

Now, here are the lip swatches:

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick No. 40)

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick No. 42)

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick No. 43)

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick No. 45)

(Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick No. 48)
Has anyone else tried these lipsticks yet? Are you a fan of any other Rimmel lipstick you'd like to tell me about?

Have a great week!

Michelle xx

***These items were provided for consideration but my opinions are solely my own***


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